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Nutella swirl

🖐🏻Hello again🖐. Today a recipe that I love to use.


I will be showing you my take on Nutella swirls.



  1. Puff pastry
  2. Nutella (well obviously)
  3. Baking paper
  4. Baking tray


  1. Preheat oven to 160 C
  2. Defrost ( if not all ready )the puff pastry
  3. Cut pastry in half
  4. Spread as much Nutella as you like on each half.
  5. Roll pastry into a log then twist it around to make a circle.
  6. Place trays of swirls into oven
  7. Cook for 10-15 minutes then take out to dry.



I hope you enjoyed this recipe and make sure to try it out with cinnamon or just milk chocolate.

My Story

From <>


“Penguins” by Christopher Michel is licensed under CC BY 2.0



🖐🏻Hello again🖐🏻. Today I’m going to be telling you a short story that I have made up. It is related to the picture just up here ^

But wait there’s a twist, I’m going to stop half way through the story and I want every one reading to comment the rest of the story and I will pick the winner next week. Have fun!

My body glided on the cool surface. A rush of fear hit me. Everyone one was screaming at me, yet I couldn’t stop now. The icy floor suddenly broke out into the freezing ocean. The waves hit my body and sent me gliding towards the never ending sea. I needed to save the baby. I looked below me and saw a rocky floor hoping, just hoping that the chick hadn’t sunk to the bottom of the ocean. All of the sudden a small flipper popped out of the ocean. This penguin is NOT giving up.

So here it is,  have fun and continuing my story!

Netiquette rules


🖐🏻Hello again🖐🏻. Welcome back to my blogs. Today I will be explaining in my own words 6 of the netiquette rules. If you don’t already know what netiquette is here is the definition- the correct way of using the internet. Now here are the rules-


RULE 1: remember the human

Remember that when you are communicating friends or family that you are realising that they are real people and that you have a second thought about what you are about to post online for other people to see. respect everyone and don’t be rude. Once it is uploaded it will always be there.


RULE 2: Adhere to the same standards of behaviour online that you follow in real life

Don’t forget that the people you are talking to re real and that t will still hurt them if you are rude.

Your behaviour on the internet should be no different to if you were speaking face to face with someone.


RULE 3: Know where you are in cyberspace

In some places on the internet what you say may be appropriate however in other places it might be considered rude. For example you may send a funny text to your friend but it will not be appropriate to send to your boss or teacher.


RULE 4: Respect other peoples time

When texting people you shouldn’t waste their time. write important and well thought out texts and don’t keep sending annoying texts to people. If they are at work or in class there is no reason to be texting them.


RULE 5: Make yourself look good online

Thankfully online you can’t judge peoples appearance however you can have spelling eras and not knowing what you are talking about. Always check your work and maybe get help fom family or friends.


RULE 6: share expert knowledge

The internet was practically made for people to find unknown knowledge. If you have great knowledge about something don’t waste for only your mind. You should make a blog and share your expert knowledge to the world. Let people know.

#GameOn Review

Hello again, today I will be reviewing the video #GameOn . Scroll to the end to find the link for the video.

#GameOn is a video about kids who have bad things happen to them that have something to do with the internet/ computers. There are three different little stories that make up the whole episode.


The first story is about a girl who has a bad picture of her friend posted on her social media site. It looks like she had posted it however it is actually another friend that she told her password to that posted the picture. This story shows that if you share your passwords with any one it may backfire and cause a lot of commotion.


The second story is about two boys who stay up all night playing online with each other. The next day they are tired and sleepy and get in trouble by the teachers. Then one day one of the boys has to talk with the principal. This shows that if you stay up all night playing games ( or just being on your computer ) there will be consequences.


The last mini story is about sending pictures of yourself to random people. A boy is on his social media site and is sending pictures of himself to people he doesn’t even know just because he wants more followers. I learnt that if you are going to send any pictures or follow anyone you need to actually know them.


In conclusion being careful on the internet can be hard but if you follow the right rules you won’t have any problems. I definitely think you should go check this video out.

Here is the link-




There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of the internet. Being careful while on it can be hard but it is possible.


At school, work and at home we all use internet. If you are reading this blog then you are most likely on the internet. We use it so much today. It is great, we use it for resources, for homework and work so much. It is great for entertaining us but it can also be educational. We can even skype or FaceTime people in other countries. The internet can be great as you can use it for a book, dictionary, and to advertise your company.


Sometimes the internet can be good however if you spend too much time on it you can be isolated. Families can get separated at not spend time with each other. Anyone can be scammed by people because there is no one in charge. Jobs can be replaced with robots e.g. Online banking . On the internet there is a lot of fraud and viruses which can be very annoying.

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